Can Your Internet Provider See Your History With a VPN of 2020

All of us use ISP for internet connectivity. So, there is a risk that, are they monitoring us? There is a high risk of that, too. As we today have started with the topic, Can your internet provider see your history with a VPN? The matter is crucial.

First we will try to understand, as how VPN works and how ISP tracks us? These information will give us real information as is it possible to see everything by the ISP. So, why we are making late?

How VPN works?

At first we will try to understand how VPN works? VPN apps is installed in our PC or mobile, it connects us to a VPN server. This VPN server hide our real IP and assign another IP to hide our identity. So, when we use the VPN, no one can see our real movement, where we are going, which sites we are visiting and nothing. So, it becomes safe for us to visit anonymously.


The VPN assign a new IP, but that is not only the security issue. It creates a VPN tunnel and we communicate and visit sits through this tunnel. So, no one can track my ID. Using VPN becocmes most secured.

How ISP works?

Generally we are connected to internet through one ISP. ISP gives us internet connectivity and according to the real protocol they can see full internet browsing history. As we use internet, they can see our each data package and even they can access the information, too. This is not a secured idea. So, is this not a breach of information that anyone can see our data without our persmission?

Sure, it is but from the view of ISP, they keep the access to have ideas on the browsing history, if needed on any security purpose. So, they kep the access enabled from their side.

How VPN keeps us secured form ISP access

Generally we may thing that as ISP, they can even see all the data transaction and communicaiton of our IP. That should be actually, but the VPN get this thing covered. When we start the VPN app, it assigns us a new IP. Then it creates a VPN tunnel where we use the data in encrypted mode. Only the VPN server have our information.

In this situation, the ISP can see that we are using internet, but due to the VPN tunnel the ISP cannot see the data packages. They only see the data transmission amount, but cannot access the data. In this way, VPN gives us the authentic security from other hackers and ISP. It is fully secured system.

The Shortfalls of the system

The VPN is secured from identity camoflague. But there are systematic holes too. The VPN system may fall too. If the VPN crashes or stops on any purpose, the ISP can see the full information of your web surfing. This is unusual. But the matter is not full proof.

As we use any VPN service that is not up to the mark, then it may fall for some time. It can crash also, then our identity is not secured anymore. So, choosing the VPN is very important. We will suggest to use market leading VPN’s and go after the best services. There is no other option for perfect VPN services.

Final Words

Getting a perfect VPN solution is a blessing as it can hide us from even ISP too. We have already discussed on the topic, Can your internet provider see your history with a VPN? We have known the real techniques how to use the method and where we need to be more careful. For our safety, there is no other solution than better VPN.

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