Does a VPN Protect You From Hackers in 2020

VPN is a strategic solution to be safe and bypass firewalls and hide your identity from browsing. It is the best and the modern technological method we have these days to be safe. But there is a common question, does a VPN protect you from Hackers? Answering is quite tough, lets go and understand the basic things.

How does a VPN work?

Before going far, we need to know the basic things. A VPN works as a shield for us while surfing the internet. It hides our IP address and encrypts our traffic. It does not reveal where we are going and which sites we are visiting.


But how it works? Let’s know the process – when the VPN app is installed on your PC or phone, you are connected to a VPN server. The Server enables you to encrypt a VPN tunnel for you where you are safe to browse anywhere. There is none who can monitor you.

Can you be monitored? The answer is No! Because whoever is trying to monitor you can see your VPN server’s IP address and never will know your real IP!. From the end of the website you are visiting, they cannot monitor you at all, there is no other way to reach your real IP.

Does a VPN protect us from Hackers?

We may have to go through this critical query. At first, we need to understand the types of attacks the hackers can initiate against us. Then some logical answer should be there. Come on, we tell you about the threats.

Remote hacking is a common threat for us. There is no other way, hackers can reach us through our IP address. As the VPN server will protect our IP from revealing. So, there is no other gateway for hackers to attack our Pc remotely. If the Hacker has your IP address, then VPN has no security to give you at all.

A MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack is initiated when the hacker takes place between you and the website that you are trying to reach. There are different types of MITM attacks but the main concept is sending fishy data packets you intercept your data packages if it works they have control over your movement and all activities. If you use a VPN, they will not be able to see your DNS address and cannot make a successful attack.

DDoS and DoS attacks are continued messages to you to keep you offline for a while. These attacks are very effective. But you have a VPN that will keep you safe from the hacker to target you for DDoS or DoS attack. As when they don’t know your real IP, how they do it?

In a few cases, VPN will also protect you from fake wifi networks those you are trying to connect? A wifi network will get your IP address on purpose, so if you are VPN protected, then they have a fake IP!

Malware attack is the most dangerous attack, it can come to your PC over email or any new unregistered software. It will take control of your PC internally and will send information to a specific attacker. VPN has actually nothing to do with this sort of attack.

Phishing emails and these types of attacks are very often to us. There is no firewall or VPN protection that works against it. So, we should be careful about opening unknown emails and downloading files.

How to protect ourselves from hacking

  • There are some simple steps that can keep us safe from potential attacks. Let’s concentrate on the methods below.
  • Using anti-virus software on PC from malware and phishing attacks.
  • Using firewall protection from malicious traffic.
  • Use script blockers to be safe from scripts and ads.
  • Using anti-phishing extensions will keep us safe from phishing attacks.
  • Use a password manager to keep files and access safe.
  • The final method can be enabling two-factor authentication to be safe.

So, as we were discussing about our safety from hacking with the use of a VPN is complicated. In most cases, VPN can keep your identity safe and you are one step ahead. But, when there are organized and phishing attack, there should be more prepared and get ready for those attacks those are not concerned about IP address.

Final Thought

We started with a common question, does a VPN protect you from Hackers? But after the overall discussion, we are aware that in a few cases VPN has nothing to do with this. As we have shared all sorts of loopholes with you, you better be following all the safety methods. Being safe mostly depends on our awareness!

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