Does a Vpn Protect You From Viruses In 2020

We are facing threats from the internet, malicious sites, phishing emails and we are taking different types of protection against them. VPN is common protection we are taking these days. But there is a crucial question, does a VPN protect you from viruses?

We will try to find this answer in this discussion. At first, we have to understand how A VPN works. Come on we give you some ideas about the VPN activities and then we will go for the in-depth analysis.

How VPN works?

When we install the VPN app to our PC or mobile, it connects us with a remote VPN server. According to its design, it manipulates the real IP and shows another IP as it gives the impression that another person from another IP is surfing the internet.


It makes our web surfing safe. It does not allow us to reveal our identity to anyone. When we surf the internet, our real IP is exposed. VPN covers it. It shows another IP to protect us from any kind of online hacking.

In the above circumstances, VPN is perfect for shadowing our identity on surfing the internet. But it is not designed to give us protection from viruses. The discussion should be analytical and more in-depth.

Does a VPN protect from viruses?

We have a common idea that a VPN can protect us from online attacks and other threats. It is true from a few cases. But in the case of virus, this is totally a different scenario. VPNs only can protect you from hiding your DNS address and IP.

In the case of viruses, does that apply? Not in most of the cases. Viruses attach us from different malicious software that we download from the internet and install it on our PC. In some other cases, there are phishing emails and malicious attachments, those give us risk factor for virus attack. There are some more threats like:

Destructive Worms/ Programs they hamper our system

The trojan attack comes from apps that seem very useful but stuffed with the virus in them.
There are boost sector viruses, they come from CD, Pen Drive, and External HDD’s.

But what the virus does to us? Generally, they take control of our files, send information, slow the processing, erase files, and many more. But there is no one type of threat, there is Malware too, that is as dangerous as a virus.

If we try to identify the threats from Malware, we will find many variations.

  • DNS attack and DoS Attack
  • Unethical surveillance
  • Identity theft
  • Blockade or restricted content
  • Spam and scams

In some cases, VPN and Antivirus software both work together to fight viruses and malware attacks.

How Anti Virus software can help?

Both VPN and AntiVirus software works to protect us from malicious attacks. As VPN gives us camouflage from all types of attackers. On the other hand, the Anti Virus looks after all the files in the PC to activate any malicious attack. Even when we want to install new software, it checks the possibility of attack and tells us.

With the helo of Antivirus, we can also deploy a firewall that protects from receiving phishing data blocks to attack our system. Individually Anti Virus is not helpful, it needs support from internet service, firewall, and also VPN. But how?

VPN gives a secret and silent movement on the internet, that comes with a hidden identity. So, there is less risk of getting attacked by any hacker directly. It keeps surfing safe.

Firewall makes our system safe, by stopping data packages and unwanted information send from unethical purpose. So, we need to activate the firewall to be safe.

Antivirus works in a different way. It protects pc from installing malicious software, it warns us to download any unwanted attachment too. From a different view, the Antivirus, VPN, and Firewall work together to keep our system safe.

As from the above discussion, we get some ideas, how these regular attachments help us to be safe, so using antivirus, VPN and firewall will give us better protection.

Final Summary

We started our discussion with a common query, does a VPN protect you from viruses? But we now know that only VPN cannot protect us from unwanted attacks. We need also support from Anti Virus and Firewalls. For better protection, we better take necessary steps to keep our system safe.

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