Russia Demands Access to Vpn Providers’ Servers 2020

VPN Service providers are allowing users to move around the online services anonymously. This also has security issues, no government services cannot identify those visitors, what they are doing and how they are surfing the net with hidden identity. So, the Russian Government agency has declared to have access to VPN Servers. 

The Roskomnadzor is the Russian Censorship Agency  had a meeting with the top 10 VPN service providers to get links to their server, as who are visiting and what are their identity. They think that through this will allow them to stop visiting people to visit banned sites. 

They are very much aware about the local security and they also want to know about the visitors who are really visiting the sites and their movement. So, they have issued an order to the VPN service providers to share the information. They also declared that, if these service providers do not allow their permission to government services then their services will be blocked in russia. Russia is trying to have better control on the anonymous visitors on their sites. 

Even the Russian agency have revealed the name of the VPS service providers to the press, as they are TorGuard, VuprVPN, Nord VPN, OpenVPN, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss!, KeepSolid, Kaspersky Secure Connection, HolaVPN and IPVanish. 


All the service providers have not agreed to that and around 5 of them have given similar statements. They have discussed to press that they will minimize their action in Russia, but the russian clients should have to take service too. So, they are trying to modify the services. Only Kaspersky Labs is based in Moscow and they have given statements that they are fully agreed with the reason. But the rest four companies were not given any information to the press as to what they will be doing in this case. 

There are many likes and dislikes on the issue of Russian government to look after the visitors movement. One of the service providers IPVanish told that they are trying to comply with the Russian Censorship Agenda of 2017 and trying to adjust with the recent one. 

The other services providers are taking necessary action to move their servers from Russia. Few are shutting down from Russia, some are establishing to nearby countries. There are many good impacts and bad impacts of the Russian government decision. 


According to the VPN service providers, they have mentioned there is less possibility for compliance solely with Russian Government is difficult according to their user agreement with the clients. So, the service providers are moving out and Russian Government is on their way to block services. Let’s see where it goes finally. 

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