Russia’s VPN Ban And How You Can Get Around It

In recent days, Russian government has declared that the VPN Service providers should share their access to the Russian Censorship Agency. It has created chaos in the zone. Already the agency has notified 10 VPN service providers to give official access. 

Russian Censorship Agency  had a meeting with the top 10 VPN service providers to get links to their server, as who are visiting and what are their identity. They think that through this will allow them to stop visiting people to visit banned sites. It has become a security threat for the country too. 

They are very much aware about the local security and they also want to know about the visitors who are really visiting the sites and their movement. So, they have issued an order to the VPN service providers to share the information. They also declared that, if these service providers do not allow their permission to government services then their services will be blocked in russia. Russia is trying to have better control on the anonymous visitors on their sites. 

Feedback from the VPN Service Providers

The top VPN Service providers are mostly from out of Russia. Only Kaspersky Lab is from Russia and they have agreed to the declaration. Other service providers are taking several steps to manage the scenario. Total 5 of them are revising their policies and capacity to suit with the requirements of the Russian government. One of the companies has already shut down the servers in the country and concentrated on developing the server capacity around Russia to cover the area. 


VPN Companies have also checked through the policy Russia applied, they have seen that if they agree with the Russian government, the clients policy will be hampered. They will have to give the personal information of the clients. That is mostly against all of the rules of the VPN companies. 

When a new client starts the VPN package they have to give the personal information with the real IP to the company. If these companies leak the information to the Russian Government then the identity will be compromised. Russian can take legal action for any steps taken in Russia or for visiting unwanted sites. 

Russian Stand

Russia is determined to know the people visiting russian sites using VPN from other countries. So, they have pressurized the VPN service providers. Along with this, they are eager to know the identity of people visiting their sensitive  websites and other information. 

From a country like them, where communism is running over the government it is a common matter to ask for the information. The issue is how finally the VPN companies will comply with their request. 

Now, the companies are moving around the scenario. They are trying to give optional services to their clients in the area. Local data servers are now closing down and they are setuping data centers in neighboring countries to keep their strength as usual. 

Final words

According to the above discussion, now we can take services from those VPN who have not complied with the Russian government, it will be the best way to keep your information safe. None other than those companies will leak our information and we may live in risk too. So, we should find the best side line in this situation that the VPN companies are taking preparation to give us a safe path. 

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