Sase Might Be Better Than Vpns for Quickly Ramping Up Remote Access 2020

These days, people are mostly doing their office from home. Moreover, the home offices need a real location too. Companies who were operating in a corporate culture were with necessary VPN setup to show its location in other countries and even to the U.S. So, the offices are now not in place and even the employees are. So, dependency on VPN has increased. Now the offices are running on regular video conferencing, online data transfer and similar tasks. 

In this situation the office team is not able to set up a single VPN IP to the office and all the staff using them. In previous days, the IT officials did that thing very easily, but now every home is an office. So, there is no other option for the IT Team any more. Each of the employees has to turn for VPN at their home. They need to keep their office position in a specific country. 

So, is there any other option for the people to get other options? We are not sure, let’s have some expert opinion on that. According to their discussion, many large businesses have moved to other dimensions. They have moved to achor WAN to any physical data center, who are providing the necessary support to the offices.

Sase Might Be Better Than Vpns for Quickly Ramping Up Remote Access 2020

In case of offices, they are channeling their traffic from office and houses to the data center too. Then the Data center is processing the data with necessary security checks and moved through ISP from other countries or cloud services. In this architecture,  large data packages are managed very well. 

VPN Strategy

Generally VPN works with a single user or a combined internet connection. It supports the vendor with necessary VPN access with an unique IP and firewall. Both with the support of unique IP and firewall gives the perfect support. But according to statistics, there is a 10%-20% possibility to fall down on VPN services while working. So, few experts are not telling it to be the best solution. From the view of security VPN is not that much updated. They are recommending the SASE Model for this. 

SASE Model for Offices

This is generally wide area networking or WAN, it has updated security services like Zero Trust, CASB, FWaaS and many more. There are solutions for cloud services too. From the present view of office setup, it is better to connect all employees to a Data Center, use the SASE model with the most updated security features and then transmit the data with an unique IP. This is a much better solution against VPN, too. 


In accordance with present office requirements, VPN is a simple solution. But incase of the security issues and the home offices scattered all over the world, the VPN does not seem safe anymore. As the experts have suggested SASE Model, it can become the most appreciated model nowadays. We also wish that offices will get better performance from this solution. 

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