That Vpn May Not Be as Secure as You Think 2020

When security issues come in our kind, we use VPN, but are they safe? Yes, that VPN may not be as secure as you think. Generally, what VPN does? VPN gives us the secured movement on the internet anonymously. It is the best option from the present internet world to move secretly too. 

How VPN works?

VPN is an IP changing software that hides your real IP and assigns another IP. When you browse internet it will give the power to hide your real identity. That is great. Generally, VPN has servers where they connect our IP and give us a shadow IP. When we surf on web, no one can identify us at all. 

What is the benefit, it generally keeps us away from attacks from any hackers. We will not get any direct hit from any hacker at all. Because they do not know my IP. They will try to hit the shadow IP that I am using! So, there is no risk at all. But if the hacker knows my real IP, then I am done. I have no other option to be secured with a VPN.

Risk Analysis

Let us assess how we have security issues from VPN? There are different scenarios that will make you in harm from hackers or other security issues. Let us talk in detail about that. 


When we are using VPN the hackers do not know our real IP, so they cannot harm us. If anyhow they can get our real IP, they can form an attack. So, keeping personal IP secured is most important. 

Some malware and phishing attacks cannot be stopped by VPN. These attacks are formed by malicious software and email attachments. So, VPN does not understand the risk from them. To be secured from these types of attacks we will have to install Anti Virus software and use Firewall. 

There are some phishing emails that come directly to our email. Those cannot be controlled by VPN, in some cases even anti virus cannot locate their risk too. So, use of VPN in such case does not give any safety. 

ISP can monitor our all communication and browsing history. But due to VPN tunnels they cannot see the data directly. But the risk remains, if the VPN falls or stops for a few seconds, it will show the data to ISP people. So, there are various types of risk that exist from VPN. We need to use VPN with good performance. 

Final Thought

Using VPN is not a full stack solution for us. There are different types of threat and that proves that VPN may not be as secure as you think.  We should use safe and good quality VPN and both antivirus & firewall for overall safety. Our safety is in our hand, we just have to plan it properly. 

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