VPN advantages and disadvantages

VPN is a common IP changing software, that works in its own mechanism. Before going in-depth about VPN advantages and disadvantages, we need to know how it works and what are the possible benefits. We will discuss here in detail about the features.

When a VPN app is installed in our PC or Mobile, we are connected to a VPN server, it hides our real IP and provides shadow IP from its own server. It gives us power to surf interent anonymously. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these features. Let’s analyze the features here.

Advantages of using VPN

Using a VPN on your PC or phone will get you a separate IP address from the VPN server and you are mostly surfing the internet in disguise. Where you visit you have a fake IP tagged with you to reveal your identity. There are some benefits to it too.


  • While surfing the internet or visiting any website, they are not able to identify the real visitor. It mostly helps as a VPN user.
  • It helps us from the remote hacking of our system. As no hacker can reveal our real IP. Without real IP no hacker can attack directly to a system. VPN works as a shield.
  • In such a sort of MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack the hacker also needs your IP to take position between your system and the internet. VPN does not allow that, as it always shows a fake IP!
  • Sometimes, we want to connect the internet with some fake wifi networks! But that is not safe, there we give your access information and DNS data. But while using VPN, those fake networks cannot identify us.

In the case of other types of Internet-based attacks, mostly the IP address I targetted, VPN gives us a shadow identity that makes us away from the real threat.
VPN gives us the most secure access in internet surfing that allows us to be safe from any kind of threat from online hackers or malicious sites.

Disadvantages of using VPN

  • As usual, there is some negative side of using the VPN too, it is not the best shield we have to hide our information, and not in all cases, it will save us. Let us identify those issues.
  • VPS has only the feature to hide our real IP. If there are some other loopholes that can hamper our security, VPN is not able to protect us.
  • Hackers are a common threat to us. They use advanced phishing techniques for reaching our system. If we open any malicious email or download any attachment, that may cause breach our security. VPNs are not able to give us safety here.
  • In case of a malware attack, the hacker has the real IP of us, so the VPN cannot hide the real IP anymore. It works with its server to show different IP, but when the real IP is compromised, there is no other option to be safe
  • VPN’s are not equipped to fight hackers attacking methods. It generally works on different methods to give us an anonymous identity.

Being an identity hiding software, VPN has both advantages and disadvantages too. We might have the proper benefit in some cases, and in some option, we may not have the real protection.

Final Verdict

We had a long discussion on the VPN advantages and disadvantages, as we have clear ideas about the benefits and threats now. It depends on us, how we use this software and how it can keep us safe. We should use our instinct to be safe and get the real advantages of a VPN.

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